Schedule of Classes 2018

2 4 Potatoes (white)
3 4 Potatoes (coloured)
4 3 Onions (dressed)
5 3 Onions (as grown ie. with roots and tops)
6 9 Shallots (one type – either culinary or of a size suitable for pickling
7 3 Carrots (long or short, leave 3″ tops)
8 3 Beetroot (globe or long) with leaves left on
9 6 Runner Beans with a small stem
10 6 French beans with a small stem
11 1 Cabbage/Cauliflower, Romanesco with 1″ of stem
12 3 leeks (washed with tops and roots intact)
13 5 Standard Tomatoes
14 8 Cherry Tomatoes
15 1 Cucumber
16 3 Courgettes
17 3 Parsnips (leave 3″ tops, rub off small side roots)
18 Collection of 5 named Herbs in a jam jar
Any other vegetable – now split over 3 classes
19 Large ie pumpkin, marrow – show 1
20 Medium ie chillis, peas, rhubarb, sweetcorn, garlic, courgettes, spring onions etc – show 3
21 Small ie tiny chillis, peppers etc – show a plateful

22 Heaviest Marrow
23 Heaviest Onion (as grown, ie. not trimmed but no soil)
24 Heaviest 3 Potatoes (must be clean)
25 Longest Runner Beans
26 Smallest Ripe Tomato
27 Funniest Vegetable!
28 Heaviest Pumpkin or Squash

29 Any vegetable grown by entrant – as per classes 2-21

30 4 Apples (dessert – one variety)
31 4 Apples (cooking – one variety)
32 4 Pears
33 5 Plums, Damsons or Greengages
34 Plate of Soft Fruit (one variety – full 6″ plate)

35 3 stems of Roses, either single Hybrid tea or multi-flowered floribunda types (see awards)
36 3 Dahlias – of one type, i.e. pom-pom, cactus type, or decorative
37 3 Gladioli
38 3 stems Chrysanthemums – of ne typ, either spray or single disbudded
39 10 Sweet Peas
40 3 Single or Double Asters, one type only
41 Vase of mixed cut flowers, annual, perennial or mixed (max. space 15″ wide x 15″ deep, any height)

42 Flowering Pot Plant (7″ max. pot) Orchids, African Violets, Begonias, Busy Lizzie, etc. one type
43 Foliage Pot Plant (7″ max. pot) Spider Plant, Ivy, Coleus, Fern, Mother-in-laws tongue, etc
44 Cactus or Succulent, air-plant, Bromeliad, etc

45 Planted Basket (not in pots)
46 Planted Patio Pot

47 Vase of cut flowers and one variety of fruit or vegetables (quantities according to schedule classes 2 – 19, 21, 30 – 34)

Classes 48-55 must be made within the last 12 months & clearly labelled and dated. Re-used jars & non-branded screw lids are acceptable, wax dics essential on all jams, jellies, curds and chutneys.

48 Jam – one jar berry fruit, i.e. strwberry, blackberry, red/black currant etc
49 Jam – one jar stone fruit/other/mixed, i.e. plum, cherry, rhubarb, ginger etc.
50 Jelly – one jar any variety
51 Curd – Lemon or other ie. orange, lime, blackcurrant, etc. one jar
52 Marmalade – one jar citrus fruit
53 Pickles – one jar any variety
54 Chutney – one jar any variety
55 Hedgerow Drink – one bottle home made (e.g. Sloe Gin, Blackberry Whisky, Elderflower Cordial etc.)
56 6 fresh eggs – domestic poultry i.e. hens, geese, turkey or ducks.
57 Honey – one jar either clear or set.

58 Handicraft – Adult (eg. woodwork, metalwork, knitting, embroidery, patchwork,a greetings card, a model sculpture, etc.)
59 A painting or drawing – Adult

Note – 14 years and under can enter classes 67,68 &72,73 as appropriate)

PHOTOGRAPHS – no mounts or captions please! Entries can be delivered with your completed entry form to Charlotte Simpson at any time before the Show.
60 Photograph – “Skyscapes” max paper size 180mm x 125mm
61 Photograph – “Animal/s” – max paper size 180mm x 125mm
62 Photograph – “It makes me laugh” – max paper size 180mm x 125mm
63 Under 14 years Photograph – “My Best Friend” – max paper size 180mm x 125mm. Age showing on entry card (no name though)

**Please Note**
There is a change to the age groups for children classes

There are now two groups:-
Age 7 years and under,
Age 8-14 years incl.

In these groups – age of child should be shown on the front of entry cards

All ages including children can also enter any classes throughout the schedule.
(See also class 29) NB. In these cases, age should not be shown on the entry card as the entry will be judged on equal terms as adults.

Age 7 years and under:-
64 “Think small” – fill a small box (supplied, please contact Kate on 01296 715927) with as many individual natural items as will fit in allowing the lid to be closed properly. ONLY 1 of each type of item, i.e.1 piece gravel, 1 seed, 1 leaf, 1 feather, 1 twig. All items should be natural but NOT ALIVE!
65 Colouring – colour the picture on the back of this schedule. If you prefer, it can be copied onto plain paper or use the drawing as it is.
66 4 decorated biscuits, judged for decoration only.
67 Handicraft – (e.g. painting, drawing, knitting, sewing, jewellery, model, woodwork etc.).
68 Collage – A picture (A4 size) made using recyclable materials, i.e. sweet wrappers, foil, plastic, cardboard, magazines etc. Suggestions:- a beach-scene, a rainbow, an animal, or anything else you can think of!

Ages 8 to 14 years:-

69 Create a habitat (3 dimensional) no bigger than 30cm x 30cm x 30cm, for a small creature, i.e. frog, snail, beetle, bug, dormouse, etc.
70 Colouring – colour the picture on the back of this schedule. If you prefer, it can be copied onto plain paper or use the drawing as it is.
71 Make 4 biscuits using your own recipe, will be judged for taste and appearance.
72 Handicraft – (e.g. painting, drawing, knitting, sewing, jewellery, model, woodwork etc)
73 Collage – A picture (A4 size) made using recyclable materials. (See class 68 above for ideas.


74 Victoria Sponge – Get Recipe
75 An Artisan Loaf – homemade bread of your own choice, sweet or savoury, own recipe. Must not be made in a bread maker.
76 A cake using any fruit or combination of fruits (eg. currants, sultanas, candied peel, glace cherries, dried apricots, etc.) Baked in a 7″ (18cm) round cake tin. Not decorated.
77  Open sweet open tart or flan – pastry base up to max. 10″ (25cm) filled with fruit, treacle, bakewell, lemon etc.
78 A Decorated Birthday cake, celebrating 70 years of the NHS.  9″ (23cm) – square or round
79 5 scones – one type ie. plain, fruit or cheese, own recipe (2 1/2″ cutter must be used)
80 Savoury Quiche – max 9″ (23cm) – own recipe
81 Choux pastry, for example 4 x chocolate eclairs, 4 x cream & fruit puffs, 8 x profiteroles, or your own idea. (Quantities 4 x medium, 8 x small)


82 A caption for the photograph   – Click here to view photograph