We know you will all be keen to hear about what’s been happening in the quest to reinstate our lovely church bells back to full working order- we are all missing a quintessential part of village life with no bells.

So a quick recap of our project, we aim to replace the existing bell frame which is decayed beyond repair and increase the current 5 bell to a more usual ring of 6.

Well, it may appear nothing much has been happening however behind the scenes we have been making progress. As I think was mentioned in our last update we now have the necessary authority from the church (a faculty) which is required to carry out the work, effectively planning permission granted by the Diocese. This opened the door to exploring funding options. One of their key requirements for funding is volunteering and we already know what a great community spirit there is in our village so we hope that we can count on your support when it comes to the volunteering element. Now, we are not expecting everyone to suddenly take up bell ringing, although there will be opportunities for that- more at a later date! But, we would be keen for the village to show support by getting involved in the project in other ways- anything from helping us record the history element of the project, to helping out with refreshments at the events we have planned. So please let us know if you would like to become involved or have a skill you think may be helpful.

The really exciting news so far is we have received confirmation of two very generous gifts from village families to enable the casting of both the new bells required as part of the project, plus support from the LHSAA, so we already have £27,500 raised of the £90,000 required.

Now you may wonder why two new bells when the project is to increase only by one extra bell to 6. Unfortunately our current treble bell is so badly damaged we have been advised this will need to be replaced, hence two new bells.

The two new bells will be cast with inscriptions and dedicated by the families who have donated. Our 4 existing bells will be overhauled with new fixtures and fittings, which offers the opportunity for your family to be associated with one of these bells. If you are interested please get in touch for details.

If you are able to help by volunteering some of your time, or you would like to make a donation we would love to hear from you.